Former Houston Oiler says cop pulled gun on him during traffic stop

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“I went from being scared to being angry to being I need to get out of here,” said Lamar Lathon.

Lathon is no stranger to long time Houstonians or football fans.

The 6’4" 255-pound linebacker was selected by the Houston Oilers in the first round of the 1990 NFL draft.

He played in 9 NFL seasons for the Oilers and the Carolina Panthers.

“I had noticed that a cruiser was behind me,” Lathon said.

Lathon says he had just left the Buckys in Pearland when he got pulled over early Tuesday.

“I proceeded to reach for my ID when he pulled his sidearm,” Lathon said.

What did the former NFL player do?

“I immediately reacted and said basically what in the world is wrong with you have you lost your mind why would you pull your gun on me I’m doing what you asked me to do,” said Lathon.

Lathon says when the Pearland police officer first told him to step out of the car he refused.

“I told him sir in this climate and the way things have happened and all that is going on I do not feel comfortable getting out of my vehicle,” Lathon said. “Not for my safety and for your safety.”

“Then he says I’m going to search your vehicle and I said the hell you will,” said Lathon.

Lathon says the probable cause the officer cited for the search was him moving around which he says he had to do to get his license and proof of insurance the officer requested.

Nothing illegal was found in the car.

Lathon ended up getting a ticket for driving 65 in a 50 mile an hour zone.

Does he think the traffic stop went down the way he describes because he’s African American?

“I don’t think so,” Lathon said. “I think it was because he was afraid and if you’re afraid you need to be at a desk job doing paperwork.”

Lathon hasn’t filed a formal complaint against the officer yet but says he plans to do that.

The Pearland Police Department tells us they’ve been made aware of this situation and they are now looking into it.