Former girlfriend testifies against Leon Jacob in Houston murder-for-hire trial

In Day 2 of a high-profile Houston murder-for-hire trial, a former girlfriend of Leon Jacob's took the stand. Meghan Verikas testified against Jacob today and revealed more details about their relationship. Fox 26’s Damali Keith shares her story from downtown Houston. Meghan Verikas says after a 2 1/2 year relationship with Leon Jacob he assaulted her. She immediately left him, and she says he then began stalking her relentlessly. Verikas told the jury she was afraid of Jacob, when she took the stand.

Verikas says the break up had been a long time coming and jacob assaulting her was the last straw. However, she says when she left the relationship he would not leave her alone. Jacob is charged with solicitation to commit capital murder because investigators say Jacob tried to hire a hitman to kill his ex-girlfriend.

Verikas gave testimony saying before finding out about the alleged murder for hire plot she moved several times, got an emergency protective order, and hid in a closet when he showed up to a house where she was staying. She said she went to Houston police for help and did everything she could to get away from Jacob, a man she says she says she was "terribly afraid of." Verikas says Jacob was also hiding in a bush outside her job after he had been told by police to stay away from her. Investigators say Jacob also tried to hire someone to kill his then girlfriend’s ex-husband.

Valerie McDaniel was also charged for allegedly plotting to kill their two exes. Mcdaniel took her own life after she was released from jail on bond.  Defense attorneys say Jacob didn’t want his ex killed, but rather run out of town so she wouldn’t testify against him on the charges of assaulting and stalking her.