Former fire department captain's mission to prevent intoxicated driving

On a cold day in February 2010, former Houston Fire Department Captain Mark Rodriguez lost his 22-year-old daughter Krysta to an intoxicated driver. The indelible loss prompted Rodriguez to form Krysta's Karing Angels.

Rodriguez spends most of his time driving a caravan of vehicles that were destroyed in deadly driving while intoxicated crashes.

During every major holiday, Rodriguez reminds people of the dangers of drinking and driving with his assortment of smashed-up vehicles.

The deaths related to the mangled wreckage all have one theme in common -- the deaths could have been avoided if the people who caused the crashes would not have gotten behind the wheel under the influence.

One of the vehicles is a patrol car that belonged to Deputy Constable Scott Clayborn. He was directing traffic at a construction site when he was struck and killed by an intoxicated driver.

Another vehicle belonged to Raquel Gedery's daughter. Two of her children died in the vehicle after it was struck by a vehicle operated by an intoxicated driver.

Rodriguez admits his caravan causes a lot of stares and questions, but he says if it makes someone think twice about driving under the influence, it's all worth it.