For second time in three weeks, arresting a wanted parole ends tragically

"He was a ticking time bomb and now someone has Piaf the price for it," said Andy Kahan with Crime Stoppers.

Geovany Canizalez, 30, a documented gang member, was granted parole in December of 2028.

Documents indicate he repeatedly violated his parole and on three occasions issued warrants for his arrest only to turn around and withdraw them.

"He had not one, not two, not three, this is his fourth parole warrant is less than a year," Kahan said.

Last July, parole officials finally issued a blue warrant believing Canizalez had absconded.

This past Saturday, he led Precinct 4 deputies on a high-speed chase.

"We try to pull him over for a traffic violation. The guy immediately starts running," said Precinct 4 Constable Mark Herman. "There is a pursuit speeds get pretty high to the point where a supervisor terminated the pursuit."

Moments later Herman says Canizalez hit and critically injured a bicyclist.

"He knew that the probability of him going to the penitentiary was pretty high," said Herman.

"We just saw this less than a month ago with offender Robert Solis, who was also a fugitive from justice," Kahan said.

Robert Solis had also repeatedly violated his parole, but board members took no action until he was believed to be an absconder then a blue warrant was issued.

Last month Solis allegedly shot and killed Harris County Sheriff’s deputy Sandeep Dhaliwal.

"We cannot let offenders who violate their parole repeatedly to be allowed to remain in the community to wreak havoc and in some cases cause death and serious bodily injury," Kahan said. "It's happening way to often and shame on us if we don't do something about it."