Flooding traps Brazoria County residents in their homes

Some residents in Brazoria County are actually trapped in their homes by high water and are still waiting for the water to recede. High water washed out much of County Road 335 in Brazoria County. 

We’re tired of all this flooding,” says resident Ronald Coleman. 

“The water was starting to come up about half-way up the yard whenever I got home,” explains Brazoria resident Chris Whitehead. 

In fact, flood water threatened to take out every home on the block. 

"It almost did this time. I’ve been out here since 1990 and this is the closest it’s ever come to getting in.

When asked if the water had gotten this high during Harvey, Chris said no.  

"It did get in the garage. You can see it,” says Cheryl Johnson. Her husband Reverend Michael Johnson says when water, dumped by Tropical Storm Imelda, crept closer to their home he fell to his knees and prayed. 

"The thunder quit hitting as hard. I was drinking my coffee and I said Lord you’re hearing me and it started slowing down and I can’t do nothing but thank the Lord."

Some are getting around in the flood by four wheelers and others on two feet, but walk in this water and you may meet more than a FOX 26 News crew. 

While pushing his car to higher ground, Chris Whitehead had to dodge giant mounds of fire ants.  The residents here don't want to have to slink alongside floating critters and pray high water in the front yard stays out of their house.  So some called the county, asking for better drainage. 

"They tell us they ain’t got no money,” says Coleman, but the county officials I spoke with did not tell me it isn’t in the budget to improve their drainage. I’m told engineering crews will be sent to the area to see if drainage can be made better.