Flood waters swamp Lake Jackson neighborhood

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It's fair to say the Buffalo Camp neighborhood of Lake Jackson has become temporarily part of the Brazos River.
Here the quick rising water is inside dozens of homes - houses that have never been threatened with flood water before.

"I've talked to folks who've lived here for 30 plus years and they've never seen water like this," said resident Kenneth Lookingbill.

It is a watery influx of truly historic proportion. Like thousands of folks in Lake Jackson Lookingbill's praying the Brazos is done rising. His house is still dry, but will be inundated if the River creeps up just ten inches more.

"Anybody I've talked to says its just a guess because nobodies ever seen it like this," said Lookingbill.

Even if the Brazos relents the damage here already runs deep.

"Like extremely impacted? I would say a couple hundred at least those severely underwater," said resident Faith Phillips.

Like many in Lake Jackson Phillips and her family are scrambling to support less fortunate friends.

"Everything is floating in their home. It's just heart wrenching," said Phillips.

It's a spirit of mutual aid that runs strong in this Texas community accustomed to caring for its own.

"I've seen people helping complete strangers, standing on the road praying with each other. It's awesome. People are stepping up and taking care of each other," said Lookingbill.

It is a degree of compassion Lookingbill's thankful his son has now seen firsthand.

"It makes my heart happy knowing people help out in hard times," said Tom Lookingbill, Kenneth's son.

By evening Buffalo Camp residents closely watching flood gauges reported that water levels had stabilized.