Fight at school sends staff member to hospital

THE WOODLANDS, Texas (FOX 26) — A brawl in the hall was beginning with female students mixing it up shortly after the day ended at McCullough Junior High School. School staff members struggled to restore order and then one of the adults went down and his head slammed the floor.

Sources tell FOX 26 News that the staff member was not seriously hurt. Conroe Independent School District police were called to the campus and the students are being dealt with, according to the student code of conduct.

Is it all over now? Not quite. The fight spilled out of the hallway onto social media, being shared by students and parents alike. Then the videos started disappearing. Why?

According to one Facebook page administrator, it was at the request of Conroe ISD.  A FOX 26 viewer who did not want to be identified sent a recording of a phone conversation with someone from the school.

When FOX 26 asked the school district about what happened, the district sent a copy of a letter from the principal to parents that read in part, "Please reinforce the importance of reporting suspected dangers to campus administrators or the appropriate authorities. This includes off-campus activities and behaviors which may inadvertently spill over into any school including ours."

It is not clear if that's what happened in this case as the letter did not specify.