Feel Good Friday - Hot Mess Pooches Rescue and Sanctuary

Natalie Freshour is the director/founder of Hot Mess Pooches Rescue and Sanctuary in Kingwood and says, "I have a lot of dogs." 15 dalmatians, 9 Great Danes, 2 Italian greyhounds and the list goes on, judging by all the well fed pooches on her property.

Freshour is a behavioral specialist and professional dog trainer that has now made it her mission to rescuing dogs with special needs. She says to folks in the area she's known as the deaf dog lady but on social media sites, she's the director of a sanctuary or safe haven for animals who are either blind, deaf or both and what's even more impressive is she can not only keep up with each one but remember their stories and where they came from. In Freshour's own words,

"They are my family so it's easy for me." Right now, Freshour is paying and caring for all the dogs out of pocket but currently working to make her sanctuary into a non-profit. It's all in an effort to continue her work and make sure her dogs not only get the very best care but most also the very best treats too.