Family urges folks not to drink and drive

When talking about his daughter Krysta, the words don't always come easy for Mark Rodriguez. February 11th of 2010 will probably be the worst day he will ever have to endure.

"Her and her boyfriend were on their way home from work, her boyfriend was driving a vehicle at the time and they turn into an eating establishment, a drunk driver traveling the opposite way without headlights on at a high rate of speed struck her boyfriend vehicle on the passenger side killing her instantly", says Rodriguez.

Now in her honor, the Rodriguez family has founded Krysta's Karing Angels. An organization that brings cars that have been in drunk driving related crashes, to schools and organizations around Houston. Spreading the word on what could happen if you get behind the wheel of a car after drinking, or if you get his by a drunk driver.

St. Patrick's Day weekend law enforcement agencies like the Harris County Sheriff's Office will be out and about looking for those who may be driving over the limit. Sergeant Brian Brawner says, "we won our citizens to have a good time, spring break, rodeo and now we have St. Patrick's Day, I see you're wearing green it's great, but we want everybody to have a good time and we want them to do it responsibly".

"Nobody wants to have to go through this you know our family and our organization we're not against drinking whatsoever, you want to drink you want to have a good time Shirley you have to be responsible enough to get us a ride home", says Rodriguez.