Family stresses importance of water safety after drowning of 2-year-old boy

Two-year-old Casey Hunt drowned on Father’s Day weekend in 2017. His grandparents thought he was quietly watching a movie, but somehow he made his way outside. He was found in the backyard pool.

Two years later, the family commemorated Casey and his love of outdoors with the transplanting of an oak tree he had discovered when it was just a seedling.

His grandmother is now determined to inform as many people as possible about water safety for children. She encourages parents to get lessons for even the youngest children to teach them water survival and how to get themselves out.  Even if your pool is secure, that may not be the case at another friend or family member’s home. 

She stresses that water wings and puddle jumpers give children a false sense of security. If they fall into water, they have never learned to use their arms to reach the side.

The family wants to share with the public to prevent others from experiencing their grief. FOX 26 Photojournalist Darlene Janik Faires visited with the family.