Family remembers security guard killed outside gameroom as hardworking father

A family is left grieving after a security guard was gunned down in South Houston.  Those loved ones and people from all over Houston are now coming together to pay their respects to Jorge Sanchez and to support his family.  The crowd gathered on Richey Road Tuesday, right down the street from where Sanchez's life was taken.

On Saturday, Sanchez was working as a security guard when he was shot dead. 

"This should have never happened," says Sanchez's brother Paul Sanchez.

Seeing the line of people buying BBQ dinners to support his family is exactly what relatives say they need after suffering such a tragic loss.

"It's something I never expected.  People are so nice to help other people," adds the grieving brother.

Everyone we spoke with describes Sanchez as a hard-working man who regularly turned a double shift to make ends meet and Saturday was no different.  The game room security guard heard an altercation outside the building, stepped out to help keep the peace, and a man with a gun opened fire on Sanchez shooting and killing him.

"We're just very devastated especially his wife and his kids. That man just doesn't know what he did," says Paul Sanchez.

That man, who killed Sanchez, is still on the loose.

Now right where his life was taken friends and even perfect strangers are supporting the family and helping with Sanchez's funeral fund as much as they can.

"Today it's for Jorge.  Tomorrow is for somebody else and you feel good when you help somebody," explains one woman who came by to support the family.

Loved ones say they want justice.  They hope someone will turn in the man who killed Jorge Sanchez, a husband and father of two small children