Family remembers Houston professional bull-rider killed in Utah

A family member of Ouncie Mitchell spoke with FOX 26 about his cousin. Ezekiel Mitchell, who is a professional bull-rider himself, shared his memories of Ouncie.

BACKGROUND: Pro bull rider Ouncie Mitchell from Houston killed in Salt Lake City

"He was a great bull rider. He might not get his buckle here on earth, but he’ll get it up in heaven. He’s a people’s champ," says Ezekiel.

"I love and I miss him. I know it’s selfish, but I wish he was still here."

Travion Dickson, his brother not by blood, but by choice, remembers the moment he heard the news.

"I called his cousin and he said it's true. I just broke down. I couldn't believe it," says Dickson.


The family extended their gratitude and thanks to the funeral home in Salt Lake City, where Ouncie’s mother, a mortician herself, carried out the duties.

"She’s very strong woman of God," says Dickson. "She’s holding up well. Dad is holding you. They have a lot of support from family and friends and the rodeo community is getting us through."

Ouncie has a 4-year-old daughter, A’Nyla, who family says misses her dad dearly.

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