Family of woman killed by hit-and-run driver search for answers

Ask Victoria Castaneda about her baby sister Patricia Rodriguez and she’ll probably tell you this.

“She had like this huge laugh,” Castaneda said. “To this day, it’s my favorite laugh.”

Now Rodriguez’s family will only hear that signature laugh in memories.

She died last Saturday night shortly after being hit by a driver while she attempted to cross the street in the 12900 block of Fondren.

“Suspect was heading southbound on Fondren and struck the pedestrian in the street,” said HPD Sergeant D.H. Griffiths.

Police say the driver may have initially stopped but then fled the scene without rendering aid.

“It was a maroon Nissan, either a Rogue or a Morano,” Griffiths said.

“Was she in any pain? I don’t understand how somebody could just leave somebody there even if you’ve hit something in the road you look back, but I’m sure you can see a body,” Castaneda said. “It’s not a piece of wood, it’s a body."

Rodriguez leaves behind four children who range in age from 11 to 20.

She also had a grandbaby that she didn’t get the chance to meet in person.

“Our father was killed three years ago and the person who hit him hasn’t been caught either," said Castaneda.

The family prays this time the hit-and-run driver will be caught.

“I definitely believe that justice will be served if not on Earth, I know for sure in heaven,” Castaneda said. “God’s definitely going to take care of that.”

Anyone with information on the hit-and-run driver should call Crime Stoppers (713) 222-TIPS.