Family of Raymond Pryer Jr. unites for balloon release

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Holding white balloons with words written on them to Raymond Pryer Jr., 3, his family and friends, who affectionately remember him as R.J., met in a field outside their neighborhood in northwest Houston.

“As parents arrive normally and as this particular father, the father of Raymond Pryer, the victim, arrived and they cannot locate the child, so there was a search, about 6:30 is when the day care workers finally found this child, this tragic event, on the bus,” described Houston Police Department Assistant Chief Bobby Dobbins with criminal investigations command.

Police and paramedics arrived to the parking lot within minutes. 

“Once they arrived, they witnessed the scene of a child that was in heat exhaustion and receiving care from the paramedics," adds Asst. Chief Dobbins. "The child was transported to the hospital and at 7:45 p.m. last night, that child was pronounced deceased.”