Family & friends gather in Brookshire to remember Deputy Loren Vasquez

Standing outside the Brookshire Fire Department, those that knew Loren Vazquez met singing her praises, mourning her loss and holding candles in her honor.

Waller County Sheriff’s Office officials say Vazquez was on duty Wednesday night when she was attending a water rescue call. On the way, her car crashed and rolled into a ditch.

Marcos Zepeda was one of her training officers and spoke at the vigil.

“Last night she got a call to possibly save somebody’s life and that’s what she was doing. She risked her life to save somebody else’s and that’s a sacrifice no other person is willing to do,” Zepeda says.

Loren grew up in Brookshire and started volunteering with the fire department about seven months ago. A few months later, she got a job as a deputy.

“I mean she had a smile that you would never forget. She was always positive. She always had a positive vibe. If she was going through something, you would’ve never knew it. She always spoke highly of this community and her family. She loves her family,” says Fire Chief Lydon Stamps.

“To Loren’s family, we are so sorry this happened,” says Mark Rodriguez, Assistant Chief of Rescue and Training. “You know we mourn for the family. We mourn for you. You know we are going to miss her.”

Thursday was a hard night for Loren’s family. For Zepeda, he says he will never forget her positive attitude and willingness to put others first.

“Law enforcement isn’t easy for anybody. It affects everybody around us, our families. Being in law enforcement and being a first responder is a calling. Loren had that calling and she was good at it,” says Zepeda.