Family and friends say goodbye to one of the murdered Baytown teens

"Pretty much all Baytown is here," said a teenager named Isaac.

They were there for Alex Chavez. Chavez was just a teenager. He wore braces. He made mistakes, but he didn't deserve to die.

"He had dreams and goals, which I'm sure he would've accomplished if he was here," Issac said. "I know he'd be like, ‘man,' like his mom said, ‘man, I know a lot of people'."

They watched as Alex's mother said goodbye. She buried her son in the rain in front of new friends and old ones, in front of news cameras and police officers.

The cops were gathered at the funeral home to do more than just escort a grieving motorcade. Investigators are still looking for a killer, one of four men charged with capital murder for killing Alex and his 17-year-old friend Jarvis Morgan.

The fourth suspect, Brandon Flores, is still on the run. Police say he's probably hiding in Mexico. They also say the accused killers and the teenage murder victims all knew each other and had all talked about having ties to local gangs. But the victims' family and friends have denied those allegations.

Whether true or not, it's part of the reason so many news photographers and so many police officers waited in the rain outside the funeral home, but it's not why Alex's family and friends waited. Alex was a part of their lives.

"It's hard to just think and get that processed through your head, I met this guy at one point and the next day he's gone," said Isaac's brother, Hiran.