Families affected by Harvey move into homes during cold weather

Walking around the house Petra Cervantes has owned for about 27 years, she shows us where she and her six family members are now sleeping. Within the last two weeks, they moved inside the home. After Harvey they slept in a tent in their driveway for months.

"We had some sleeping bags and sometimes we were over here because whenever it was kind of warm, me and my husband would come out from there," says Cervantes.

She also says that, "in the beginning we were feeing so good but after it got colder and colder then we had to move in even with dust and dirt, we had to get inside."

Cervantes says it's all thanks to volunteers. Still, she's not all the way moved back in. Her entire kitchen is outside and everyday she has to go out in the cold and cook for her family.

Still, she says she is grateful for what she does have since many are still without.

"See we end up with no cars, we end up with no nothing, like everybody on this side, not just talking about me but for everybody in this neighborhood," says Cervantes.