Face and body lifts for sagging skin using threads that dissolve

Thousands of people go "under the knife" to get a more youthful appearance every year. Now a fairly new trend called threading has gotten its own lift, by using even higher tech, FDA-approved threads.

It's called an HD/PDO thread lift and is the new gold standard of high-definition threads.

We caught up with three local women at Renew Body Contouring and Medical Spa, who were looking for a fresh new look and underwent the procedure on a quick lunch break!

There, we met Dr. Arash Kalantari, the CEO of Med Results. He traveled from Hollywood to introduce the technique to the Houston market, through Renew.

Mireya Marache says she has hopes the procedure will make her look younger and more beautiful.

"I am very excited and very nervous about it," she laughs.

Amber Robertson, who is a registered nurse with Renew Body Contouring and Medical Spa explains what's going to happen during her procedure.

"As you age, you have fat pads under your eyes that atrophy and move around a little bit, so what we're going to do is put the barbed threads in here to give a smooth transition from under the eyes to the cheek-area and correct the jowls and marionette lines and pull the jaw line back," says Amber.  She says the threads will eventually dissolve.

The owner of Renew, Katina Kearns, says the technique can also be performed on the neck, arms, breasts, buttocks, even knees.

"They're a better result for me with my patients, than fillers. I love fillers to add volume to the face, but what happens, when you travel and have a lot of fillers, your face starts to look more round, but keep adding fillers and a heart shaped face becomes a completely round face," states Katina.

Dr. Kalantari is offering advice to help workers at Renew perfect the procedure. He says it adds a one-two punch.

"They can lift the skin, thanks to the barb technology, and they can also enhance the quality of the skin after the barb, by producing more collagen and elastin for the skin," explains Dr. Kalantari. Those tiny barbs are made to irritate the inner layer of skin just enough to prompt it to produce more collagen, making the area look tighter and firmer.

Kelly Anzilotti says she first had threading done to lift her cheeks and was so happy with the results, she came back to have the area around her mouth treated.

"We did one side of the face first so that you could see the results, one done and one not and you could really see the difference. I was very pleased so came back for area around my mouth," she smiles.

Christine Grace also had a thread lift, hoping to reduce crows feet around her eyes and to lift her jawline.

"It started drooping, gave me a much squarer face and with the threads pulled it right up and I'm very pleased," says Christine.

She says her husband immediately noticed the difference and says it's the best money she could have spent.  Plus, she says it just makes her feel better about herself.

"It gives me much more self-confidence, everything's great, I'm happier, you feel inside how you look outside is how I see it," says Christine.

The three patients we talked to describe it as a painless procedure and explain they could only feel a little pressure.

Mireya was anxious to see her results. She says she think it looks beautiful and amazing. There are instant results that we could see from the lift, but she won't see the final results for a few months, once the collagen plumps-up the area.

Dr. Kalantari says there's only a slight chance for bruising, with no downtime necessary.  The procedure can range anywhere between $500 to thousands, depending which or how many body parts. The results last up to two years.

For more information, you can go to:  www.renewbodycontouring.com