EXCLUSIVE: Suspect accused of trying to break down front door back on the streets in Spring Branch

Last Friday, Abby Brasell, a mother of 3-young girls, was home on Shadow Wood Drive in Spring Branch enjoying her evening when out of nowhere she heard yelling and banging at her front door.

She looked outside to see a shirtless man seemingly trying to get inside. Her Ring doorbell camera wasn’t working at the time, but her neighbors shared images and footage with FOX 26 alleging the same suspect tried to get into their home not long ago.  


"His behavior was so erratic; what was he going to do when he got in the house? What did he really want?" Abby told FOX 26. 

And as she was on the phone with 911, the suspect continued to beat on her door.

"He was banging, pulling the door, punching the door, and screaming," Abby explained. 


Thankfully, her husband was home and he was standing near the door with his gun in hand. 

"When he was standing outside of our house, I know some people would say we should’ve shot him through the door and we were not going to do that. We were waiting until he invaded our home to make that choice because that’s a weighty decision," she said. 

When Houston police arrived, they say the suspect, identified as 26-year-old Holden Chandler Walston, was standing in the middle of the street shirtless and screaming. Abby captured videos showing officers surrounding him and placing him under arrest, but she says just two days later, the same man was back in her neighborhood. 

"He was at our house Friday and he was at the neighbor’s house Sunday afternoon, they were telling him to get off the property," said Abby. 


She tells FOX 26 that she’s been on edge since the incident and that if there is a next time, she plans to be prepared. 

"This is a lesson for me because I don’t know how to work our gun and if I had been home alone my course of action would be to hide… My first course of action after this is going to be to learn how to operate our gun." Abby said. 

Walston is facing charges for criminal mischief, but Abby says she hopes officials step up patrols and do more to stop the suspect from harassing members of their community.