EXCLUSIVE: Family of Atascocita teen killed in drunk driving crash speaks out

The stepmother of Chloe Robison, one of two Atascocita teens killed in a drunk driving crash, speaks out for the first time since her death exclusively to FOX 26. Theresa Robison said she and her family are now desperately looking for ways to keep Chloe's memory alive. 

"How do we celebrate what we have, how do we celebrate who she was, and make sure that she stays a light in our world, so she doesn't burn out," Theresa Robison said. 

Ever since her daughter, Chloe Robison was one of two passengers killed in a drunk driving crash two months ago, Theresa Robison have been desperately hanging on to any remnants of the 16-year-old's life. 

"She still has her cubby. Still has her shelf in the office for her school stuff. She still has her room," Robison said.

But no matter how much time passes by, nothing really gets easier because some habits are hard to break. 

"She eats with us-- ate with us every night, so sometimes without thinking, we'll put out five plates instead of four. We'll reach for our phones to text her. Yeah, we're not there, that she's not here anymore," Robison said. 

The Robisons have since started a scholarship fund in honor of Chloe. Their hope to is to award a $1,000 every year to a deserving student passionate about pursuing a career in liberal arts, just like Chloe was. 

"We're just looking for somebody who wants to make the world a brighter place. Chloe loved photography. She loved telling people stories. She loved to write," Robison said.  

For now, the hope is that Chloe's spirit will live on through anyone who embodies the kind, generous and level-headed teen. 

"She still has her place here with us. She will always have her place," Robison said. 

The goal is to raise $20,000 for the Chloe Robison Scholarship Fund. The family is still in the process of fundraising. Donations can be made through the Humble ISD Education Foundation.

The suspected drunk driver, Jaggar Smith, is due back in court Thursday morning for his second court appearance since the 17-year-old was charged with two counts of intoxicated manslaughter.