Another Houston mom comes forward about monkey sounds made at daughter's volleyball game

Another parent is coming forward with allegations of racism at a Houston area volleyball game. 

"I'm hoping to God that's not what they're learning at home; a lot of these homes need to think about what you're modeling for your children," said Karen Morton.

Morton has an Afro-Latina daughter who plays varsity volleyball for saint Agnes Academy in Houston and on August 16 they faced off with Brenham High School. Morton says her daughter's team which is made up of mostly minorities, had to deal with slurs and racist sound effects from Brenham's fan section.   

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 The sound of monkey noises can be heard echoing through the school gym.  She shared the video exclusively with FOX 26.

"You do everything you can protect your children, and you cannot protect them from that," Morton said. 

She tells FOX 26 that the insults didn't stop there.

"You're a whore, and they did that to at least three of our team members. Another teammate heard the actual word monkey," Morton recalled. 

She chose to speak up after she saw our interview with Lakeesha Adams. Her daughter's Paetow High School volleyball team had the same experience just two weeks ago.

Monkey has long been used as a slur and a racist reference to African Americans. Parents say they believe the people responsible for making these noises knew exactly what it meant. 


"These things stay with our children. It changes you. There are ways to support your team without traumatizing a person, a human being," said Morton. 

FOX 26 reached out to Brenham's ISD to see what actions they've taken to address those allegations they sent us the following statement:

"Brenham ISD conducted a thorough investigation of the incident and has taken proper action. We expect our students' behavior to reflect the values of our district and community and work to ensure our students' behavior meets those expectations."

This makes the third time in less than a month that parents and students right here in Texas have complained about monkey sounds and slurs being shouted at high school volleyball teams