Ex-NFL player stands outside NRG Stadium seeking Texans job

A former professional football player is trending on social media today after he was captured holding a sign outside of NRG Park asking the Houston Texans for a job.

Joe Anderson posted to Instagram Friday that he stands outside the stadium every day because "he knows what type of gift God has blessed [him] with."

Anderson says that he lives the saying of 'whatever it takes'. His desire to work with and play with the Houston Texans organization can be measured in the passion of his post.

"A lot of people don't really live out the meaning #WhateverItTakes they just sayin it!!! You gotta really live that junk if you say it and believe in yourself and trust in the Lord, and living it don't just mean hold up a sign!!" Anderson says in his post.

Anderson graduated from TSU and was drafted by the Chicago Bears in 2013. Unfortunately, Anderson suffered an injury and was cut from the team a short time later.

As for his new journey, Anderson stands outside NRG every morning with a sign that reads, "Not homeless, but STARVING for success!! Will run routes 4 (sic) food. #Whateverittakes #UnderDog #IBelieve #Hungry"

There's been no word from the Houston Texans organization on whether they've addressed Anderson's story, but it's not hard to want to root for the underdog as Anderson pursues his dream.

"It's something flickering in my head everyday with much Humility and WILL power to go the extra mile when it come to believing in myself and proven all doubters wrongI'm not just chasing greatness for myself/family but for all the people that lack faith and wanna quit and don't believe God still moves, DAWG if you gotta DREAM GO GET THAT!!" Anderson says on Instagram.

Whatever it takes.