Employees describe violent donut shop robbery

Surveillance video captures the heart-stopping moments five people walk into a donut shop and rob it at gunpoint.

Tonight employees are thankful they are able to talk about that experience and hope their story can help track down the suspects.

Employees at Shipley Do-Nuts on Airline in north Houston were outnumbered, five to four, during the robbery early Monday morning.

Video shows five armed men rush employees, yelling at them to get on the ground.

Ada Gomez says she grabbed her co-worker and made a run for the bathroom, but they were forced out when one of the gunmen followed them with Ada's cousin Jose Gomez holding him at gunpoint.

Afterwards the fourth employee is taken to the front register where he hands over what's in the register.

Gomez says he's been working there for twenty years and in that time, he's made it through five robberies, but this one was the worst.

The only employee who was injured was the man who helped open the register. We're told he was pistol whipped on the head.

Call Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS if you can help track down the suspects.