Durst charged one count of first-degree murder

The 71 year old real-estate heir now faces capital murder charges for the murder of his former friend, Susan Berman back in 2000 according to the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office.

The charge against Durst is one count of first-degree murder. It came just a day after the season finale of the documentary series about his life. Heard on a microphone Durst whispered to himself in a bathroom.

"Killed them all, of course."

One day later, he was officially charged with capital murder.

"He's the kind of guy where you know something else is going to happen and he's going to be in the news," Susan Criss is the former Galveston County Judge which presided over Durst's 2003 murder case in which he was accused of murdering and dismembering the body of his friend Morris Black. He was acquitted.

"Everything about his cases and his stories is so beyond the pale that you just learn to expect the unexpected," Criss said.

Now he's back in the news and back to defending himself again, this time for the 'cold-case' slaying of his friend Susan Berman which happened 15 years ago.

The president of Blue Moon Investigations says this time the truth needs to come out.

"I think he is a serial killer and I think he is a serial murderer," Bobbie Bacha said. "I don't think these people, two we know who have been murdered, are the only ones."

But what we do know, is the 71 year old could still have plenty of secrets left untold.

"I think because of what's gone on in the past, my gut tells me they would not have brought charges if they didn't have good evidence and they didn't have a good case against him," Criss told us.

Durst has been suspected in three murders in more than one state, but has never been convicted. If he is convicted this time he could face the death penalty.