Dramatic photo shows lightning stike Sutro Tower during Bay Area's thunderstorms

Dramatic photo shows the moment lightning struck Sutro Tower in San Francisco on Tuesday, Jan. 10, 2023. (Twitter @sanandreafault)

The severe weather to slam the Bay Area in recent weeks have resulted in torrential rains, flooding, mudslides, and powerful lashing winds that have knocked out power and brought down once-towering trees. On Tuesday, there was also hail, thunder, and lightning.

Among the dramatic images from these events, was one that showed a lightning strike Sutro Tower in San Francisco. A massive Y-shaped spark connected with the top of one of the tower's prongs, with the backdrop of a hazy, cloud-filled sky.  

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The image was captured by Twitter user Alexander Polis, who took video of the lightning hitting the tower, made a still photo of the strike. 

Twitter user @sanandreafault then shared the image in a tweet with the caption: "U ok @SutroTower?" 

In response, "Sutro Tower," commented, "I am ok friend. Thanks for taking the storm off."

Thunderstorms were expected to continue in parts of the Bay Area through Tuesday afternoon with wind gusts in excess of 40 miles per hour in much of the region and up to 60 mph at higher elevations.

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