Dozens of cars vandalized in Dickinson with eggs, mustard, and lunchmeat

Residents across Dickinson are dealing with vandals that are causing thousands of dollars in damage to cars.

Several subdivisions have woken up to their cars covered eggs, mustard, and bologna, which chips away the car’s paint.

Patrick Davis lives near Winding Brook Drive and says her truck has been hit twice.

“This paint job is less than a year old,” he told FOX 26.

Brittanie Pate’s car was hit with mustard and eggs on Thursday. She tried washing it off.

“There is little circle lines from where the egg actually hit the car,” Pate said pointing to the damage in her car.

Residents suspect the vandals are teenagers. Many have not filed police reports yet. They say if it happens again they will.

Detective Lupe Vasquez with the Dickinson Police Department is urging people to do it now.

“Don’t give those suspects another opportunity to strike again and cause more damage to your property,” he said.

Vásquez adds if they are minors, their parents will be held responsible.

“I believe once it’s over $2,500 in the State of Texas, that’s when it’ll jump up to a felony amount,” he pointed out.