'Don't click the link': Costco warns shoppers about fake $75 coupon

Costco has a warning for you. The company says the viral post about a $75 coupon isn't really from the retailer but rather straight from a scammer.

A $75 savings is almost enough to make shoppers salivate, but this claim that was circulating on Facebook could leave a bad taste in your mouth and actually cost you instead of save you. 

”Don't click the link. Don't provide any personal information. This is basically a scam, a ruse to try to get your personal information,” explains Leah Napoliello with the Houston Better Business Bureau.

With so many people were sharing the fraudulent link, Costco came out with a post of its own saying the company does not have such a coupon and "this offer is a SCAM."

Some say they learned long ago not to click a link if they don't know where it originated. 

”Friends got their identity stolen. They got all of their information taken. So after that, I just am more careful,” says Cecilia Keefer. 

”I try to stick with what I know, where I shop, things I purchase online, websites I visit, just keep it the same,” adds Dandrick Jackson.

Napoliello says that's a good idea, especially this time of year, the holiday season, when scammers seem to be the ones shopping, for victims. 

”You should be especially cautious when shopping online. That's where we see many of these scams nowadays,” Napoliello said. 

Walmart has a warning for customers on its website about the "Grandparent Scam," where seniors may be targeted and told their loved one is in trouble and the only way to help is to give the caller the number to your gift cards. There's also this con. 

”They may say you've won a gift card or something like that and all you have to do is click a link or provide personal information,” explains Napoliello. 

Of course, just clicking the link could allow the scammer access to steal your personal information, even if you don't input anything.  So when you see links to coupons or offers that seem really generous don’t click it.  Instead, call the company directly to see if it's legitimate.

 Also, if you suspect a link may be a scam, the BBB and even the FBI each have a spot on their website to report it.