Donald Trump supporters and protesters out in force at The Woodlands rally

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While thousands of Trump supporters were waiting to enter the rally, hundreds of protesters were outside voicing their opinions about the Republican presidential candidate.

For hours, thousands waited in line to enter the Marriott for the rally, but the long wait, combined with the heat, sent many to the hospital to be treated for heat exposure.

Unfortunately, many Trump supporters were turned away when the venue reached max capacity.

A few people were arrested during the event, and there was a man who was questioned for carrying a firearm, but overall things remained calm compared to the violence we've seen in other cities.

There were tense moments as protesters and supporters started chanting "Build the wall" and "Dump Trump". Both sides very passionate about what they stand for.

There were also debates going back and forth about Trump's stance on immigrants, Muslims, and women. Thankfully, only words were exchanged.

The crowd eventually dispersed peacefully when the rally was over.