Dog survives hawk attack

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Honey, the dog is one lucky pup, after her owners told FOX 5 she survived a brutal hawk attack in which a bird of prey tried to drag her away. 

"I saw this giant hawk flying off. The hawk had tried to lift her off the ground,"  said owner Molly White. 

"Honey is such a part of our life. I would have been crushed if something happened to her," she said.   

The ordeal happened Friday in the Oxford Mill community in Johns Creek. 

The 12-pound Havanese was in the backyard when the hawk grabbed Honey with its talons. White was also outside and ran towards a shrieking sound. 

"As far as I can stretch my arms out-- that's how far [the hawk's] wings were. It was giant," White said.

 "It was really bad," she said of the injuries. "Honey is 12 pounds. I definitely did not think it could happen, White said. 

Honey was rushed to the hospital and was given 18 staples. 

"Now I know it can happen... we just really need to keep an eye on our pets so this doesn't happen again," White said. 

Veterinarians advise pet owners to always supervise their animals within eyesight while they are outside. 

Wildlife experts advise homeowners to cover chimneys to prevent birds of prey from nesting. They also advise homeowners to put away bird feeders, which attract smaller prey.