Dog miraculously survives two gunshot wounds

"He was shot right here in the neck this time," said Kim Fulghum, who is fostering Freddy. To say Freddy is lucky to be alive is an understatement.

"It's definitely a miracle the vet himself did say it was definitely a miracle," said Madhu Maganti, a Harris County Animal Shelter volunteer. "He survived getting shot in the throat and on the side and to have the bullets lodged there for two weeks."

Freddy's owner surrendered him to the Harris County Animal Shelter in June, claiming the dog was shot by a neighbor.

"Initially, we were told he was shot by a BB gun," said Maganti.

"After his surgery, the technician showed me the bullets -- they were really big," said Fulghum.

Freddy was about to be euthanized when Maganti contacted Tennessee-based Down South Dog Rescue.

"He didn't deserve to be put to sleep, not that any of the other dogs did, but in his particular case, I wanted to get him out of the shelter and ensure he had a new lease on life," said Maganti.

"He's very sweet he's a favorite wherever he goes the shelter the vet they all love him," Fulghum said. He,
along with everyone else who been touched by Freddy's plight, hope the person who shot him will be caught.