Documentary '10,000 Lives' premieres in downtown Houston

The 30-minute documentary is called "10,000 Lives" because that's how many lives are lost nationwide each year due to drunk driving.

"It's about how far reaching the impact can be on victims, offenders, the people who work with it, the people who witness it," said filmmaker Glen Muse with Texas Pictures.

"I know the consequences first hand," said HPD officer Nester Garcia.

Garcia was working a felony traffic stop when he was struck by a drunk driver.

"I was in the hospital for two and a half months before I was able to go home," Garcia said. "I did another four months of therapy."

The documentary gives a bird's-eye view of drunk drivers being belligerent, sick and even urinating on themselves.

"People's real attitudes when they're intoxicated or on drugs, the things they do, the things they sa. You can't make that stuff up," said HPD DWI task force Sergeant Don Egdorf.

The documentary includes Lucy's story, a woman who lost both of her teenage daughters to a drunk driver.

The documentary even looks at DWI from an offender's point of view.

"You hear how his life has been affected by his decisions, the things he can't do now because of those decisions," Egdorf said.

The documentary will be available on YouTube beginning Friday.