Disturbing case of child pornography in Waller County

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A disturbing case out of Waller county early Thursday morning.

31-year-old Ernesto Flores has been charged with five counts of possession of child pornography and five counts of distributing child pornography. According to Sean Whittmore, the Assistant Criminal District Attorney at Waller, these charges could mean anywhere from two to twenty years in prison for Flores.

“We take child pornography in Waller County extremely serious,” said Whittmore. “ So we are going to be punishing these cases very hard to make sure we get a just verdict.”

Whittmore said they found both videos and photos in his possession. He tells us the children depicted in the images are anywhere from two to ten years old.

The arrest happened at 5 a.m. on Thursday, September 10. However, Waller investigators along with Ft. Bend investigators have been gathering information about Flores’ criminal activity for several days. Once the information was confirmed a search warrant was issued on Wednesday. Flores had been living in a small Brookshire community with his roommate, William Nergenah. Nergenah was present when Flores was arrested Thursday morning and said he was shocked to learn of Flores’ collection.

“I mean these kids have parents, brothers, and sisters and it’s going to destroy them if you continue to go down that road,” said Nergenah. He claims he had no idea Flores was in possession of child pornography.

Waller County has been teaming up with Internet Crimes Against Children to make sure the suspects in cases like this are vigorously prosecuted. Whittmore said he hopes Flores will face a trail within the next few months.