District attorney's office launches review of 1,400 cases spanning HPD officer's career

The Harris County District Attorney's Office says it is launching a review of more than 1,400 criminal cases, including 27 active cases, spanning Houston Police Officer Gerald Goines' career.

Officer Goines is accused of lying on the document that triggered a no-knock warrant at a southeast Houston home that ended with two suspects killed and four officers wounded, according to the police chief. Goines was also injured in the shooting and remains hospitalized.

“Our duty is to see that justice is done in every case,” Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg said. “Although the criminal investigation of Officer Goines is ongoing, we have an immediate ethical obligation to notify defendants and their lawyers in Goines' other cases to give them an opportunity to independently review any potential defenses."

The district attorney's office says notices were sent today to the lawyers in all 28 pending cases, and notification in older cases will be ongoing.

The Harris County District Attorney's office shared the following text of letters signed Tuesday by Trial Bureau Chief David Mitcham:

Please be informed that Houston Police Department Officer Gerald Goines has been relieved of duty and is currently under criminal investigation.  Consequently, this office has placed a hold on the above-referenced case pending conclusion of the investigation.  All questions regarding bail, discovery and any other pre-trial matter should be directed to the prosecutor handling the matter.

Officer Goines' attorney says she welcomes the district attorney's office review.

"This has been really difficult for him and his family," said attorney Nicole DeBorde, who is representing Goines.

While Goines recuperates from being shot in the neck and face, his actions during the raid at the home on Harding Street is not the only matter being scrutinized.

"I would really urge everyone to not rush to judgement,” added DeBorde. “Let’s get to the bottom of this and find out what’s correct and what isn’t.”

HPD Chief Art Acevedo stated on Friday that Goines lied about an undercover buy of black tar heroin from Rhogena and Dennis Tuttle. That fabricated undercover buy was the basis for the no-knock warrant that ended in a shootout, according to Acevedo.

All of the 1,400 plus criminal cases that Goines worked on during his lengthy career are under review.

"The review will bear out that he is a man of honesty and integrity,” said DeBorde.

The long-time officer’s personnel file is also a matter of public record.

The civil service documents include a disturbing accusation about drug evidence.

In 2002, Goines was reprimanded because in June 2001, he bought crack cocaine while he was undercover and he, “Failed to use sound judgement and was inattentive in his duties when he secured the evidence in the toolbox of his police car and failed to tag the evidence in the police crime lab."

Two months later, the documents state Goines found the missing evidence after being asked about it by a sergeant.