District attorney investigates mayor's press secretary

The district attorney is investigating Mayor Sylvester Turner's press secretary Darian Ward.

Ward was suspended for two weeks without pay for failing to turn over thousands of public emails to a journalist who requested them. The emails had to do with Ward's work on personal business projects while she was on the clock for the city and taxpayers.

With Ward by his side, the mayor spoke today on why the district attorney is reviewing the case.

"The question is: Did someone go to the DA and say, ‘will you look at it?’ And she said, ‘yes I will?’ That may have been the way she chose to deal with it, but whatever it is--whatever the DA needs--we will comply and be responsive," Mayor Sylvester Turner said.

The mayor also stood by what he said before – that Ward's suspension went above and beyond recommended punishment for failing to comply with a Texas Public Information Act Request and misusing city time and resources.

Factor legal analyst Carmen Roe is on the Factor to break down the latest.