Disabled veteran seeks to get stem cell transplant in Russia

Stem cell transplants are a hot topic for debate.  But a disabled veteran in Conroe says it’s his last resort to live a normal life and right now he can’t get one here in the U.S.

Tom Sedita has a rare auto immune disease that’s so severe he says many days it’s impossible to get out of bed.  He’s desperately trying to get to Russia to get a human stem cell transplant.

Sedita dreams of seeing his little grandbaby grow up.  Before she was born he says he was at his lowest.

“I just felt like my life was pretty much over. I hit rock bottom.  I was really depressed. Pretty much didn't want to be around anymore, wanted to die,” Sedita said.

Sedita says life has never been the same after serving in Desert Storm.  Ten years ago he found out he has the sister disease to multiple sclerosis known as CIDP short for Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy.

“It's pretty much from right here to right here and on my legs it's right around here it's numbness,” Sedita said,”It's also like when you sleep on your arm and it tingles and yet it does hurt.”

His wife Mary is determined to get Tom a stem cell transplant.  They tried in Chicago and he was denied.  The operation involves Sedita going through chemotherapy and using his own stem cells.  They say Russia is their last hope.

“Our hope is that it will stop the progression of his disease and to alleviate the pain he's going through right now because that seems to be one of his bigger aliments,” Mary Sedita said.

Sedita says it will be his second chance at life.

“ What's the first thing you want to do? Probably ride horses it's been a long time since I've been able to do that,” Sedita answered,

Tom Sedita is scheduled to get the procedure done in Moscow in January.  First he needs to raise $55,000 dollars.  Click here if you'd like to donate.