Dinosaur Discoveries: Holographic adventure to premier in Houston this November

We've seen and loved the Jurassic Park films, but now we'll get to be as close as possible to dinosaurs, thanks to a new experience at the Houston Museum of Natural Science this November. 


It's called Dinosaur Discoveries and in partnership with BASE Xperiential, Pacquin Entertainment Group and the HMNS, the historic Wortham Theater will be turned into the world's first-ever HoloTheater. The premier will take place Friday, November 18. 

Viewers will be transported into an exuberant, eye-catching and immersive storytelling adventure using 3D holographic technology and video mapping, bringing life-size dinosaurs up close and personal. 

'Dinosaur Discoveries A Holographic Adventure' to debut at First-Ever HoloTheater; Rendering Courtesy of BASE Xperiential, LLC.

According to Managing Director of HoloTheater, Ryan Latham, audiences of all ages will be enamored by the entire experience due to the culmination of innovative technology and the compelling narrative.  

"We like to call it immersive story-telling, if you will," he explained. "Whereas, you know, we're gonna bring you into the natural environment of the content bringing you closer to the characters of the shows than ever before through the technology and, of course, the holograms, but also in the way that we try to take a cutting edge approach to the script of the shows, and how we connect the audience emotionally with the story, and bring the storyline together through the immersive aspect of all of this." 

Tickets on Sale Now for Dinosaur Discoveries - A Holographic Adevnture; Photo Credit ⓒ BH Dino, LLC.

"We like to think it's really that immersive storytelling approach that complements the immersive nature of the technology as well," Latham added.


Naturally, such work and time placed into creating such an adventure for viewers came with challenges, Latham however said it was all a labor of love. 

"One of the biggest challenges that I think we've had here is that, ‘yes, holograms are a focal point,’ but we're really working with several different mediums of you know, digital experience and technology, different methodologies, this is really a mixed media entertainment experience," he explained. "And so I think the biggest challenge is bringing all of those technology mediums, and experiential devices, if you will, together to create that sum of all parts experience, and how all of those different elements work together in unison, to deliver this cutting edge, new audience experience, that's really the biggest challenge is bringing it all together to work together to create that end product."


Perhaps the best part of the whole experience is there will be little to no effort needed by the audience; in other words, all the viewer needs to do is enjoy themselves. 

"There's s no 3D goggles, or headsets or anything like that," Latham said. "This is all happening in your natural environment. Take a seat in the theater, sit back and enjoy the show and let the technology do the rest around you."

The premier will debut Friday, November 18 but tickets are already available, and on sale at the HMNS website.