Deputy, husband charged in death of John Hernandez appear in court

Outside the courthouse protesters were demanding justice for Johnny, while inside the justice system went to work. Chauna and Terry Thompson made their first of what will no doubt be many court appearances. Their attorneys say their prosecution is unjust and motivated by public pressure..

"Kind of a mob mentality. It's threatening. Its very personal. They feel threatened," said Scot Courtney.

But  Chauna's lawyer agrees she has gotten special treatment, just not the kind people think. 

"I'll tell you that my client would not have been indicted but for her job title. I don't think anyone would've been indicted for murder for touching someone on the arm," said Greg Cagle.

And certainly not indicted so quickly after this fatal brawl outside the Denny's between the Thompson's and Johnny Hernandez. The case has inflamed passions and for security reasons, the Thompson's left the courthouse by a back door and under escort. 

The district attorney's office is pushing back against all claims the Thompson's have received favorable treatment.

"My message is that the Harris County District Attorney's Office is dedicated to seeking justice for Johnny Hernandez and we will seek that due process through the orderly process of the courts," said David Mitcham with the DA's Office.

And speaking of courts there's financial justice as well as criminal justice. While the Thompson's were in criminal court, the Hernandez family was across town announcing a civil lawsuit against the couple seeking damages to the tune of a million dollars.

"Alexa Hernandez is three years old. She has along life ahead of her. Somebody needs to do for her what her father would be doing were he here. He was the sole breadwinner in the family and somebody need to make that right," said Attorney Troy Chandler.