Demonstrators continue rallying outside 2022 NRA Convention in Houston

Protests continued Saturday as the National Rifle Convention hosted its annual convention in downtown Houston four days after the mass shooting in Uvalde that killed 21 people.

"It’s outrageous," said Hilda Trevino. "The timing is horrible."

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"It’s disgusting. It’s absolutely disgusting," said Brendan Warner. "I can’t believe they’re still doing it in Texas, less than what, four days since it happened."

Protesters stood across from the George R. Brown Convention Center Saturday for several hours, shaming attendees of the NRA Convention as they walked inside.

"Hey, hey, NRA how many kids did you kill today?" protesters chanted repeatedly.

"They have made their choice to let our children die, continue to die by selling these AR-15s that are weapons of mass destruction," said Rosemary Solano.

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"Armed cops stood around and did nothing because they feared the AR-15. Ban assault weapons now," Trevino said.

At times, the situation escalated when attendees and protesters confronted one another.

In fact, at one point, the Houston Police Department had to intervene when the far-right organization the Proud Boys showed up to protest the protesters.

The tension stems from a highly emotional week in the US, after 19 elementary school children and two teachers in Uvalde were gunned down this week. 

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Some NRA attendees agreed that the massacre calls for tighter gun laws.

"I’m all for some sort of new control, some new mental check or something like that needs to happen in the process because the process failed," said Jeff Scott.

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Others, stand by the notion that guns aren’t the issue.

"More gun laws aren’t going to stop nothing [sic] because last time I checked, aren't drugs illegal? There’s drugs all over the streets," said John Carrillo. "If you ban the guns, the guns are still going to be out on the streets."

"Never should there be a door unlocked. There should only be one way in. They should have every door with a camera. They should have every door with an alarm," said Charles Neiman. "They should have no door that opens from the outside, only from the inside. And you solve the problem."

The NRA convention continues for another day on Sunday.