Deadly FBI raid investigation

Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo is providing new details about a deadly shooting during an FBI raid last week.

Authorities say Ulysses Valladares was taken for ransom from his Conroe home by two men who later claimed to be members of a Mexican cartel. When police and FBI agents raided the home where he was being held, Acevedo says Valladares grabbed an FBI agent's gun and the agent fired, killing the Conroe father.

“Not knowing who was pulling at that rifle, and was in fear that if he lost control of his rifle, the individual pulling on the rifle might turn and use that rifle, weapon, against the entry team that was coming in from the other end," Acevedo said. "When he thought he was starting to lose control, he intentionally discharged his rifle striking Mr. Valladares once. Sadly, it wasn’t until after they made the entry that they realized that the person who had been pulling at the rifle was the decedent Mr. Valladares.”

Chief Acevedo says after HPD finishes its investigation, the case will be sent to the Harris County District Attorney's Office.

The family has since hired attorney Doug York and he's on the Factor with more on the case.