David Temple found guilty of murdering pregnant wife in 1999

David Temple has been found guilty of murdering his pregnant wife in 1999.

The jury began deliberating following closing arguments on Monday and returned a guilty verdict on Tuesday after eight hours of deliberation.

This is the second time David was on trial for the murder of Katy High School teacher Belinda Temple.
At the time, Belinda was eight months pregnant with the couple's second child. The baby also died.

The investigation into her murder took years, until David was convicted in her murder in 2007. However, the ruling was overturned in 2016 and he was granted a retrial.

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Prosecutors say David was having an affair with a co-worker. That gave him the motive.

He was out running errands the day of January 11, 1999 when she was murdered. But according to the timeline assembled by investigators, he had time to slip home and kill her.

The defense said the prosecution had the timeline all wrong, and investigators retraced his steps in the evening not during the time of the murder when traffic was heavier, and argued there simply was no time.

Prosecutors never turned over reports about the boy next door to the defense in the original trial. An appeals court in 2017 ruled that was prosecutorial misconduct and grounds for a new trial.