Dallas anti-abortion billboards: "Abortion is not health care"

Southeast Dallas commuters are seeing what some describe as a controversial message as they drive into town.

The billboards along Highway 175 have the message "Abortion is not health care" and are sponsored by a group called the National Black Pro-Life Coalition.

Pastor Stephen Broden and North Carolina reverend Dr. John Hunter founded the coalition in 2008. The group is paying for the billboard campaign.

“Bringing information and education in order to activate the community against this scourge that is happening in our community,” Broden said.

The billboards are located in the heavily Hispanic and black areas of Pleasant Grove area.

But a just released Wall Street Journal poll shows support for abortion in the United States is at an all-time high.

It found 71 percent of respondents believe roe v. Wade, the Dallas case which gives women rights to abortion, should not be overturned. Just 23 percent say it should be reversed.

But the abortion fight could return to the Supreme Court in the wake of President Trump’s nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to become the next justice. If approved, he would replace swing vote Anthony Kennedy and point the court in a more conservative direction.

“I’m hopeful that he will be approved and I believe the issue should come before the Supreme Court,” Broden said.

The advertising campaign has been in other parts of the country, but the Pleasant Grove billboards are the first in North Texas.