Customers claim online store is a scam, Houston BBB looking into claim

An online company claiming to be located in Houston has left a trail of unhappy customers across the country.  As you stop by cyberspace to Christmas shop, the BBB says this may be a site you want to avoid. 


If there are customers who are happy with the Sharonup Store we haven’t found them. In fact, we stopped by this online company that’s supposedly headquartered here in Houston and we can’t find that either.

It can be super annoying, finding something you want, then finding it's no longer available but some Sharonup Store customers say for them it isn't only exasperating but expensive. 

“They place orders for the items and then they’re told it’s out of stock and they should be getting a refund but they never get their refund,” explains Leah Napoliello with the Houston Better Business Bureau. 

Sharonup says it sells video games and consoles.

Kevin from Virginia filed a complaint with the Houston BBB writing "I was charged and immediately told the item was out of stock."

"They charged my card but said they did not have the item in stock," said Melissa from New York.

Does Sandy in Maryland's complaint sound familiar? 

"They said it was out of stock but took my money".

“It is unusual. If an item is out of stock and it’s not for certain if it will come back in stock again, you usually shouldn’t be charged for it or the charge should be canceled,” adds Napoliello. 

The online company claims to be headquartered in Houston but when we stopped by the address listed for Sharonup it's actually a school. We also couldn't access the company's website.

Napoliello suggests researching an online company before you shop. I searched Sharonup on The domain name was just registered on November 1, 2019. 

“Look online and see what other people are saying about the business,” adds Napoliello. 

The first few Google entries suggest Sharonup is a fraud.

The Houston BBB has contacted Sharonup. 

“We wait and see if the business does respond. Then, if we do get several complaints we do send that to law enforcement for them to investigate,” says Napoliello.

The customers complaining to the BBB say they've tried to follow up with the Sharonup Store but couldn't reach anyone.

Napoliello reminds us to pay with a credit card, if possible because it's easier to dispute the charge and potentially get your money back.