Credit card skimmers hitting Houston-area gas stations

Credit card skimmers are hitting gas stations in the Houston-area. Just last week the Montgomery County Sheriff reported finding skimming devices at local Exxon station.

With more on limiting our chances of being skimmed, we go to our FOX 26 Consumer Reporter Emily Akin. Skimmers are small devices crooks actually attach to the inside of a fuel pump’s payment mechanism.

The  consumer can't see the skimmers.  But if you use your credit card or ATM on a pump with a skimmer, the crook will have your card number  and you'll be a victim of identity theft.

Here's how to protect yourself:

1.           Check your account regularly for any suspicious activity.

2.            If paying at the pump use a pump close to the attendants.

3.            If the pump seal is broken or doesn’t have one DON’T USE IT.

4.            If the lock looks tampered don’t use it.

5.            Pay inside at the pump.


If you're at an ATM machine,  check it for any tampering or any skimming device being added to where you insert your credit card.  To learn how to protect yourself from consumer scams, contact FOX 26 consumer reporter, Emily Akin.  If you've been a victim of credit card skimming, click here for more information.