Crazy azz video - Grinches steal handmade Christmas display

Just when you thought it was safe to stand outside of Victoria’s Secret in the mall, a fist comes flying your way with someone yelling “World Star”. Crazy azz video outside of the Victoria Secret in Fort Myers, Florida, shows some women and men get into an all-out brawl. There is even a woman who has a baby in a stroller and she strolls by and kicks a woman in the face. Police say they are not sure why the fight started because by the time they arrived at the mall everyone was gone. Meanwhile, a deputy's wife in that community found herself under fire when someone commented under her name saying those who were caught in the fight should go back to Africa. The deputy's wife said she didn't do it—her account was hacked.

Two Christmas decoration stealing deadbeats stole a south Philly woman's handmade holiday display. What a couple of heartless grinches. A lookout kept watch while his thief pal used wire cutters to make off with the tree and presents. They were all wired down. Thieves stole this poor lady's Halloween decorations and Christmas display back in 2015. Now she says she's done. No more decorations. Hopefully these criminals are caught and some kind soul restores this woman's Christmas spirit.