CPS drops its appeal in sanctions case for lying in order to remove 2 children

"No other pending thing regarding us and CPS was a relief, " said Melissa Bright.

Child Protective Services entered Mike and Melissa Bright's life in September of last year.

It was later proven in court that a CPS case worker and his supervisor lied in order to remove the couple's son and daughter.

"They didn't tell the family that they were coming to court to get an order to remove the children," said the Bright's attorney Dennis Slate. "The court found had they told them the court would have never issued an order to remove the children."

The court found CPS also failed to give the Brights an order of removal or any legal paperwork within the timeframe required by law.

The siblings were separated while in foster care.

"Where the little girl was injured not once, but twice while she was in foster care," said Slate.

Now CPS abruptly announces it is no longer appealing the sanctions against them.

In a statement CPS says, "With so many other CPS cases pending in Harris County, we have decided to forgo an appeal to focus our attention on those children and family's and their needs."

The case worker and supervisor who lied in order to remove the Bright's children still work for CPS in the same positions.

"The evidence in court records of perjury of documents being changed just before they went into court all of that came out in trial," said Michael Bright. "Any other civilian goes to jail for those sorts of things."