Couple escape just in time before tree falls through the roof

A couple in the Houston Heights is counting their blessings today after a tree fell through the roof. Luckily, a decision they made just at the right moment may have saved their lives.

Luckily, the couple living at the home stepped out on the porch to bring in their plants just moments before the tree came down.

Not only did the tree go through the roof, but it also shifted it.

"It’s a mess," says Ricky Lee, helping to clean up. "It shifted all the way to the back corner. It’s like it just pivoted."

Neighbors are stunned to see the damage as crews worked for nearly six hours to safely remove the tree.

"You can see where it bent those one-by-fours," Lee said. "In the corner, those white boards. They’re about six inches off where they were supposed to be."

The couple living in the house didn’t want to go on camera, but say right before the tree came down, they decided to step out on the porch to bring in plants from the heavy rain. They’re shaken, but thankfully unharmed.

"I think they were probably lucky. At least they didn’t get trapped in the house and all freaked out," Lee said.

The couple is now waiting for a tarp to go over the roof, and the insurance process to begin.