County officials preparing for possible storm

“I’ve seen it just like Houston weather. Hot one moment, rain another. Of course, the weather has been quite nasty at times,” says Elroy Turnbull. It's a thing many Houstonian’s have said at one point or another.

Officials with the Harris County Office of Emergency Management and Homeland Security are doing what they can to keep everyone informed.

"This is the start of the busiest part of hurricane season. We’ve got three named storms out there. The potential for one more, so it’s just a reminder to people to check the forecast a couple of times a day,” says Francisco Sanchez.

With Florence, Isaac and Helene making their way through the Atlantic Ocean, a separate system is moving into the Gulf from the south -- potentially bringing flash flooding and thunderstorms to the city.

Governor Greg Abbott also put out a statement that says, “We are on high-alert...I urge all Texans to take precautions and review their emergency plans now to prepare for any potential impact to their community.”

“The best thing to do before your morning or afternoon commute is check traffic conditions. Check the forecast and plan on doing at least three things. Give yourself plenty of time, give yourself extra braking distance and it’s probably a good time to exercise a lot of patience," says Sanchez.

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