County approves funding to pull cars from the city's bayous

It was in June 2015 when Chef James Rucker reached out to Fox 26 News to ask us to help find his best friend who was missing. 39-year-old Johnny Flanagan, a husband and father, had disappeared in May without a trace.

It was later in September 2015 when HPD discovered a body in a car in Sims Bayou.  It turned out to be Flanagan.  He was the victim of a murder. 

That discovery of Flanagan's remains plus another body in another car in the bayou, validated the
concerns of Councilman Michael Kubosh and Tim Miller of Equusearch. 

It was in 2014 when Miller did a sonar search of area bayous and discovered more than 120 cars under water.

He and Kubosh rallied to have at least 24 of the cars pulled out as a pilot program to help solve crimes. They also want to bring closure to families whose loved ones may be missing and in the bayou.

While the car removal process was initially a pilot program, Harris County Commissioners have now approved a $218,000 contract in a joint effort with the city to remove the remaining 100 cars from the bayous.

In the meantime, Chef Rucker says he's thankful the program exists to help others get the closure he received for his best friend Johnny Flanagan.