COPY-Family suspects foul play in disappearance of 20-year-old son

It's been one long and gut-wrenching search for 20-year-old Kyle Rugg.

His mother Judy says, "He just wouldn't do that. He was always in touch with us."

Kyle's family went from store to store in Katy and even searched the bayous in Harris County since he disappeared nearly two weeks ago.

He was last seen on March 4th at Lake Livingston with a close friend.

Kyle's family says he then left the lake with two guys he recently met at a party.

Kyle left his vehicle, a 2003 Silver Hyundai Elantra, at his friend Mike's apartment in Katy the day of the trip to Lake Livingston.

But after Kyle disappeared, so did the car.

Sean is Kyle's brother. He says, "So we know that they took his keys, and something happened to him when he was with those two guys, but somehow somebody moved the vehicle. "

Rugg's mother and brother say Kyle had plans to go to welding school and worked from time to time in construction. They say this disappearance is not like the young man who wanted to be self-sufficient and independent.

"He has never disappeared before. Like I said, if he wasn't with us he was with his friends," said Judy Rugg.

If you have any information contact the Harris County Sheriff's office or Texas Equusearch.