Controversy at midtown club continues

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A week after three African-American men accused the Gaslamp night club of charging them a 20 dollar cover while allowing white men free admission, a Youtube video appears.

The video was shot months before the same allegation is made.The club charges minorities money to get inside.

A young white woman is heard on the video saying she got in free while the club wanted 20 dollars apiece from her two African-American friends.

“After these three girls were walking towards the video camera there was an African-American female that was waved through along with a Hispanic female and a Hispanic male none of which paid cover,” said the club’s attorney Tim Sutherland.

In the video the employees at the door can be heard saying things like “Have a good night in the hood,” and “Tell Tyrone I said Hi.”

“As to our employees I’m embarrassed I think it was not a very classy thing to do the kiss blowing and the taunting type thing,” Sutherland said.

Last week the club’s attorney posted a 7 minute video response that he admits caused a stir of its own.

“It was caustic and over the top in his defense of the company and basically said we can do whatever we want and we don’t care what you think,” said FOX 26 legal expert Chris Tritico. “that’s really not what the public wants to hear.”

As far as getting the result and having people understand where we are coming from as a business whether they like us or not we were entirely candid we were upfront and a lot of people don’t like our business practices I’m sure,” Sutherland said.